We Took Your Advice…

We took your advice about Redfin’s home page, which we published to our website this evening.


We especially liked Angela and Chuck’s suggestions about numbering each step.

We’ve noticed that women especially seem to prefer an alternative treatment, with a photo of happy customers and a simple explanation of how our business is different. At some point, we’ll give that one a try, too, running two versions of the home page to see what works best.

Thanks for all your help!

(If you have browsed Redfin’s map before, you may not initially see the home page. When you visit Redfin.com, we still start you wherever you left off on our map. But you can always access the home page by clicking on the Redfin logo at top left.)


  • http://www.myrealplace.com Jonathan Lyon

    I’m guessing you use Google adwords for some of your marketing activity?

    One really useful feature is landing page analysis. You can easily get Google to serve your alternative home pages and importantly you are able to chenge elements within each design.

    This is really useful if you want to try different images or differnt headlines and text within each page design.

    The analysis it provides is very enlightening and extremely useful.

    Hope this helps.


    Jonathan Lyon
    My Real Place


  • Mimi

    I just found out about your site from the Forbes article, how to flip a house… I am really impressed. I finally have found a site that´s somewhat close to what I was looking for.

    I live in Holland there is a site called http://www.funda.nl which you might want to check out. I have been looking for a site like this back outside the Netherlands but can´t find a single site like it. Yours is the closest I can see.

    Funda is in dutch and lists the equivalent of MLS listings for the entire country´s market. It´s got it´s limitations but I think it´s great. I find navigation of the site to be amazing and maybe you can pick up some tricks.

    The site is in dutch but here´s some pointers.. (altavista can also help with some translations if you want to really check it out)

    Go to http://www.funda.nl/WoningAanbod/Koop/
    And under Locatie (location) type in Amsterdam.
    Click on the button Zoeken and voila you get a list of properties. therés also a list of filters on the right hand side.

    Click on any of the properties and you get a tabbed profile of the place for sale.

    I spend hours on the site `window shopping´ and everyone I know uses the site as a resource to start home buying. The maps (kaart) feature is really great and that´s why I found your site so interesting as well.

    In any case, if you want any further feedback or help on site navigation, do drop a line.


  • Mimi

    Oh yeah, any plans for extending your site into Canada? Specifically Vancouver? I´d like to put in a special request to come that area since that´s where I´m looking for a property..

  • http://www.myrealplace.com Jonathan Lyon

    Hi Mimi

    For Vancouver properties, please see our site http://www.myrealplace.com, we have over 15,000 propertites advertisied here and over 4,000 realtors. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

    Kind regards

    Jonathan Lyon
    My Real Place

  • http://www.makelaarsland.nl Dieuwertje Spil

    Another dutch real estate company!