You're Not Alone

Following a guest appearance on Guy Kawasaki’s blog arguing for Do-It-Yourself PR, Redfin is back in action with a post on all the ways a startup can be hard. Many thanks to Redfin star engineer Michael Smedberg for working through the ideas in the essay, and to Guy for posting it up. The idea grew out of comments made by Steve Ballmer at a Technology Alliance lunch. We know it’s not cool to admit that Redfin has sometimes been hard, but hopefully it comes through that we really care about what we’re doing, too.



  • susan.brady

    That was a wonderful and inspiring post you and Michael did for Guy. Keep up the hard work!

  • Lateef Johnson

    Its about time someone started to deflate the fallacy of the effortless start up. I still remember gluing together boxes of software between answering support calls, yet, the drudgery makes the start-up experience no less intoxicating. Or maybe it was just the fumes from the hot glue gun.