Redfin, By the Numbers, And an Experiment

After popping up on TechCrunch and BusinessWeek Friday and in Slashdot over the weekend, Redfin appeared on Guy Kawasaki’s blog today, in a post comparing our planned costs to our actual costs. For those putting together a financial model, here are a few bonus links:

1. On the amount of office space recommended by brokers.
2. On the need to get a quarterly third-party valuation of common stock, to protect employees from cheap stock charges.
3. And proof that California’s tiny payroll tax is tiny.

Thanks to Guy, who has put Redfin in the limelight before on why a startup was harder than we thought, and how you can do your own PR. It’s a huge honor to appear on such a great blog, even if Guy took out (again!) our Diddy link.

Anyone want to guess which site (Guy Kawasaki, Slashdot, Techcrunch) drives more traffic? We’ll post the answer Friday.


  • John Seiffer

    Thanks for the honesty and details you gave for Guy’s post. a very useful example for building a business model. Two points which I blogged about here are Tying your assumptions to what you’re buying for every dollar. And flexible budgeting – planning different scenarios for different levels of demand.

    Thanks again.

  • Glenn Kelman

    John, I visited your blog and read your post, but didn’t see a place to leave a comment. Very nice job all the same!

  • Tobi

    Hey Glen,
    thanks for the great post over at Guy. It was really great to read about it. Would you be so kind to post a sanitized version of you model or email it to me? I’m really interested in seeing it.

  • Glen Young

    Awesome job Glen,

    could you email a clean version?

  • Diego Rey


    Great post on Guy’s blog. I would very much appreciate a cleaned up version of your model!

    Thanks very much.

  • Richard Yan


    Extremely insightful and thanks for putting this out there. I am interested in your dirty and/or clean model if you are able to share.


  • Turunen
  • Vanessa

    Great work.