Redfin Model on Kawasaki Blog…

For those of you who like to track our daring exploits around the web, Redfin has posted a generic version of its financial model along with a brief overview of what might be useful about it on Guy Kawasaki’s blog. Whereas the initial post provided a few actual data-points, this one offers only sample data, but hey! there is an entire model that you can use for formulas and formats.

We published the generic model because so many people asked for it, not to make a statement about whether our actual projections are accurate or not. We’re not so smart as to believe our projections are any better than anyone else’s.

Thanks again to Guy for hosting us.

We also owe folks an answer to the question we posed a few weeks ago as to which blog sent the most people to Redfin, on a week where we appeared not only on Guy’s blog but also on TechCrunch (a brief but kind mention), and Slashdot, which gave our new devblog its first big hit. In fact, the most traffic came from Lifehacker, which wrote about Redfin later in the week. We had never appeared on Lifehacker before, and we were featured there as “the ultimate window-shopping tool” and “a terrific map mash-up,” so that probably explains it. Guy came close behind, in part because that post was linked on sites like more than 800 times. The most traffic we have ever gotten from any one website was our debut on TechCrunch.

Our bonus link today is a video of the Chicago marathon’s closing moments:

At second 24, the commentator talks about how the then-leader will remember this moment for the rest of her life, just as you glimpse a maniac sprinting around the corner.