Redfin Palo Alto Meet-Up Today…

Attention Redfin customers, would-be customers, job-seekers, students, start-up junkies, bloggers, real estate quibblers, grudge-holders and anyone else who would like to meet: legendary Redfin engineering leader Sasha Aickin and I will be in Palo Alto today from 3:15 – 3:45 at Caffe del Doge, and again at around 6, for as long as people want to meet!

Image of Caffe del Doge in Palo Alto, California

Feel free to come by and ask us for a job, or a free cup of hot chocolate, or suggest how our search site could be better, or ask about the model we posted on Guy’s blog, or find out how using our service to buy a home really works. We’d love to meet you all. This should be an improvement over our last meet-up, a chimichanga night at a flooded Azteca. Email glenn (at) redfin (dot) com if you plan on joining us, so we don’t leave without you.

We’ll spend the rest of the time kicking off our Stanford recruiting rampage, which involves sitting in a café all day, bloated with muffins, trying to seem hip enough to talk to college students, but also sufficiently stern to recover some of the authority we lost when we begged the students to meet us in the first place. Which we have always had to do.

(Photo credit: bnm_72 on Flickr).