The Second Time Isn't Always a Charm

Michael Arrington just posted onTechCrunch a Redfin essay arguing that venture capitalists put too much stock in an entrepreneur’s experience. Brimming with emotion, we saw that within seconds of publication, someone had already left a comment! What a thrill! We breathlessly opened the page to see what our first reader had to say:

“Stop with the guest posts. We only come here to hear from Mike and Duncan.”

Michael Arrington, TechCrunch EditorSomewhere in Seattle, a small office became very quiet. Moments later, Michael put the hammer down with his special green font: “do you guys practice at being assholes or does it come naturally?”

Later, Guy Kawasaki posted his own version of the essay, prompting my second-favorite comment: “after 20 years of unfocused attention to my various start ups, I am now relatively broke. I mean the house is paid for, the kids are in private school, but we now fly commercial and sit in the back unless there’s a cheap upgrade.” It was written at 3 a.m.

(The National: Fake Empire.)


  • cyranodabum

    Glenn, I read that. There’s a good article on about web rage (, but my take is that the web makes it too easy for critics who can’t create anything of their own to attack those who have productively created things or ideas in this world.

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