Redfin on the Today Show … tomorrow!

Today Show crew

We’re going to be on the Today Show Friday morning!

Are we joining Al Roker for the weather (and housing) forecast? We’ve been sworn to secrecy, but tune in Friday morning around 7:40 a.m. (same time in each time zone) to find out.  

And it’s LIVE, so you know what that means … anything can happen. Unless, of course, they have a tape delay for those Janet Jackson moments.

Check back tomorrow morning to get the scoop and maybe even a first-hand recount of what goes on behind the scenes.

In case you don’t know where to watch the Today show in your city, find out here.


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  • Kim Malander

    I work for a real estate franchise in the Philadelphia suburbs and I take exception to every point the Redfin President and CEO made on Friday’s Today Show about selling a home in today’s market. The things that Redfin recommends you do to sell your house based on on-line data they have gathered is, in fact, exactly what we REALTORS recommend to our sellers, NOT the opposite of what we recommend, as alleged by the CEO. So,get your facts straight.

  • John Frederick

    I work as a REALTOR in Fairfield County CT. I would like to thank Mr. Kelman for providing sellers with information that will make it easier for me to manage expectations.

    However, I resent the fact that Mr. Kelman sought to diminish the importance of the role of a REALTOR and that he attempted to convey an idea that is not accurate.

    As a group, REALTORS do not encourage clients to overprice their homes. In today’s market it is still a huge struggle to convince seller’s that they can’t sell their homes for what people were selling for 18 months ago.

    Finally, the statistics provided on the TODAY show were great but upon further review I see that the stats quoted were 5 YEARS OLD and were related to a regional market, not national numbers.

    So in conclusion, stats say whatever you want them to say! In your attempt to hide the timeliness of your numbers you have only reinforced the idea that this is a relationship business.

  • Jesse

    As someone who does not work in the real estate industry, I absolutely love what Redfin offers.

    The fact that realtors are getting to upset about Redfin speaks volumes about how worried they really are!

  • Jerry

    Missed the Today show, unfortunately. Glenn must have been pretty restrained, though, because there are only a couple of angry realtor comments on the blog today.

    I do agree with one of Mr. Frederick’s comments though. In my experience, realtors don’t overprice homes. They’re more likely to underprice them so they sell quickly. For example, the little bit of extra commission from pricing the house at market value isn’t worth the hassle or the delay to the realtor when the house will sell quicker at 10% below market. My realtors have always been about making a quick score and moving on to the next client as fast as possible. They don’t care how much the client gets for the house. It’s all about volume and fast money.

  • Kim Malander


    Glenn said that REALTORS DO overprice homes, so you disagree with him, you have it backwards. Also, our REALTORs do not underprice homes, they always make the utmost effort to urge the sellers to price their homes correctly based on the market conditions and comparables. Despite that there are often unrealistic sellers who insist on pricing their home too high no matter what the realtors advise.

  • Jerry

    I think you misread my post. What I said was that non-Redfin realtors with whom I have worked in the past have under-priced the homes I sold because it was to their benefit to do so. So, in that respect, I agree with Mr. Frederick (not Glenn): realtors generally don’t overprice homes because it is in their financial interest to UNDER-price them.


    Kim and John,

    I think you are missing the point of WEB 2.0. It’s about exchanging information and ideas and having conversations without “taking exception” or “resenting”.

    If I as a REALTOR said something, and you had a different opinion, you would simply state your differing opinion without the animosity. Park the attitude at the curb and get into the conversation without the chip on your shoulder.

  • Kim Malander


    Just trying to have a friendly discussion here, no animosity, just stating my opinion. I believe everyone has a right to do that, you, Jerry, Jesse, John and anyone else. I just googled “Redfin, Today Show” and was sent here. Didn’t read any specific instructions or participation rules. Didn’t mean to offend anyone.