We're Going to Have to Crash the Convention, Like Jesse Jackson in 1988!

BusinessWeek is surveying its readers about the best new online real estate service of 2007. Somehow Redfin didn’t even make the list of contenders, probably because we’re not available in many U.S. markets. But we’re the only ones challenging the traditional real estate industry, by actually brokering the purchase and sale of homes. The world… Read More

Redfin Hits The New York Times

The front page of yesterday’s New York Times business section discusses traditional real estate agents who are leaving the industry, those who have stayed, and — woo-hoo! — Redfin’s growth. The article has been the #1 most-emailed business story, but in the general polls still trails an expose of microwave popcorn’s role in lung disease… Read More

A Brave New Nerd Kingdom

I sit in Redfin’s West Wing, with the folks who answer our telephones in easy earshot, and most of our software engineers everywhere else. It’s a pleasant place, which every day seems to turn up strong opinions, small revelations, useful squibs, useless facts. It seems a shame that we go to such great lengths to… Read More

The Web Is Becoming A Gigantic Lead-Generating Contraption for Business-As-Usual

The Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Buckman published an article yesterday depicting Redfin as the oddball on an ad-crazed Sand Hill Road. Which is unfortunately true. When we were meeting investors about our last round of financing, three huge deals for ad networks had just set venture capital abuzz: Microsoft bought aQuantive for $6 billion, Google… Read More