Tim Kane's Consumer Wish List & The Addicted to Redfin Facebook Group

One of the best real estate blog posts we have seen in a long time cropped up on the Seattle Bubble Blog as the real estate consumer’s wish list. In it Tim Kane argues for being treated like a partner rather than a lead, for being able to choose the services you pay for, for getting accurate information instantly, for wanting to work with an experienced agent who can collaborate with all the parties in a transaction.

Over and over again, Tim emphasizes the importance of trust, tracing that issue back to a transparent compensation model for the agent and the mortgage broker. Many of the ideas are consistent with the real estate consumer’s bill of rights, but with a personal voice that is more eloquent and persuasive than our own. Now the article is making the rounds among Redfin’s agents and engineers. Way to go Tim!

We also wanted to let all the Redfin fanatics know about a fun Facebook group, Addicted to Redfin, which was created by one of our loyal fans, and has since been swamped by enthusiastic employees too. Thank you Susie Naficy and Negar Partovi for getting the party started!

Bonus Link I, from the Washington Post via a Friend of Redfin, which describes Sylvester Stallone’s press conference for Rambo IV: “The chairs are filled with Rambo reporters, some wearing Rambo bandannas, Rambo T-shirts, Rambo fatigues. It will not be a tough crowd…” There is also a Rambo slideshow.

Bonus Link II, from the Wall Street Journal, which provides a comprehensive, city-by-city update on the real estate slump, with Redfin quoted on the Seattle market.


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