Where Do Ideas Come From?

I almost left technology because I worried I would run out of ideas, which is really to say that I would stop lucking into situations where a great idea presented itself. So it seemed as if some pseudo-innocent, deeply cunning force had hit upon my deepest fears when the University of Washington invited me to speak at a business plan competition about where ideas come from. To get ready, I studied the blogs of the Great Paul Graham and the Great Fred Wilson.Where Ideas Come From

But all I could really think of was my failures, not my successes, and the miserable, hapless feeling my friends and I all had staring at each other in my apartment while we tried to think of The Next Big Thing. After great effort, a few practical suggestions came to mind, too.

If you’d like to hear them, just swing by The HUB, room 200 ABC on the UW campus, from 6:oo – 7:30 tonight. It’s the keynote kickoff for a week of speeches about how to start and run early-stage companies, and I’m honored to be able to present.

The photo is from Flickr, courtesy of Mark Boucher.