There May Be Blood…

After arguing that we should let foreclosures run their course, we saw just what this would look like in a bank-owned Oakland listing, first noticed by one of the Redfin Forums participants.

In the listing photos, a man sits in front of the house, seemingly with his head in his hands. In the floor of one room there is a large red slick of what appears to be blood, beside a pail of forlorn cleaning supplies. Is it a Halloween haunted house gone bad or something worse?

We cannot display the pictures in a blog post commenting on an active listing, per an agreement with our data providers. But feel free to join the discussion about what exactly is on the floor of this listing in the Forums or comment below…


  • Sasha

    Looks like it already went off market; one can only wonder if the attention it got pulled the listing. I saw the photos before it went off market, and man, were they grim.

  • susan.brady

    Reminds me of the editorial post I did last week, where the kitchen had a huge red stain throughout. We made a game of guessing what was up with the house. Wish the post had of stayed on the home page longer – it was a hoot.

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