The Measure of a Block

What makes a neighborhood? The type of person who lives there? The architecture? The crime? How the flowers look in the spring?

Capitol Hill, Washington DC

Capitol Hill, Washington DC. Photo credit: Flickr.

Everyblock thinks all of those things make a neighborhood, as well as restaurant inspections, permits, news, and, now, real estate listings. Using our RSS feed of listings, they just added summaries of real estate listings to their data for every block in San Francisco. For example, here’s what’s happening today in Supervisorial District 6, in North Beach.

All this data and a growing number of neighborhood bloggers mean we no longer have to rely on print weeklies for hyper-local news. Here in Seattle, the bloggers cover everything from burning tires to park closures, to old ads for local beers. In DC, they blog about sidewalk posters, a new hemp store, the blooming of the cherry blossoms and police cameras.

Capitol Hill, Seattle

Capitol Hill, Seattle. Photo credit: Flickr.

If you’ve got an idea of what defines your neighborhood, leave a comment.