Crossing the Chasm

My friend Geordie is a high-end real estate junkie. He cruises hot neighborhoods for open houses, even when he travels. He goes to every luxury condo party, and even picks up a few units here and there. When I joined Redfin he was ecstatic. Now he’d have someone to talk shop with. So, every time… Read More

After Blogging, Only Shame

The inevitable blog post about a blogger’s feelings on blogging doesn’t do much for me. The confessional tone is often only a more devious ploy for attention, and the solipsism of the post is an uncomfortable reminder of the solipsism of the form, with everyone talking to ourselves, while hardly anyone listens. So why, when… Read More

Cheating with Redfin

While in general we believe that more information is better, we recently learned how the information on our website can be used for indecorous purposes. The winner of DC Metrocentric’s most recent PriceChecker competition used Redfin to look up the price of a DC condo, rather than make a guess. DC Metrocentric is a blog… Read More

Redfin Forums: Say Your Piece

Our discussion board, creatively named Redfin Forums after an agonizingly long brainstorm session, was started to give home buyers a place to gripe about home prices, share who their ace termite inspectors are, and ask us how buying a home online works. So it surprised us when customers would use the Forums to gush about… Read More