Cheating with Redfin

laffy4k-cheater-crop.jpgWhile in general we believe that more information is better, we recently learned how the information on our website can be used for indecorous purposes. The winner of DC Metrocentric’s most recent PriceChecker competition used Redfin to look up the price of a DC condo, rather than make a guess. DC Metrocentric is a blog about housing and development in and around Washington, DC. We’re fans of their PriceChecker series in which they profile a property and ask readers to guess the price. After a few days, they reveal the listing price and a winner based on the closest guess. The property profiles are great, especially if the property has an animal skin rug.

The winner of the latest PriceChecker found the list price on Redfin. In the comments, Roy, the winner, admits he used Redfin to get the price. Fransie wants Roy’s “PriceChecker Crown revoked.” Clearly the commenters are having fun with this. While we’re glad that Roy uses Redfin and was able to find the property, we hope this doesn’t lead to the downfall of the PriceChecker series. What do you think? Cheating or smart research?

Photo credit: laffy4k on Flickr.


  • Glenn Kelman

    Definitely cheating!

  • Tom Wilhelm

    Complete inability to police the situation aside, if the answer to PriceChecker’s questions is publicly available information, how can they call it cheating?

  • Brian Murphy

    Hmmm, very interesting. Like you said, I do hope that continues to be used for positive.