Redfin Forums: Say Your Piece

Our discussion board, creatively named Redfin Forums after an agonizingly long brainstorm session, was started to give home buyers a place to gripe about home prices, share who their ace termite inspectors are, and ask us how buying a home online works. So it surprised us when customers would use the Forums to gush about the Redfin agent they’ve worked with. A post today from Mitch, a custom home builder in Oakley, CA, made us blush… but not enough NOT to share it with you: mitch41.jpg (Far Left)

I would just like everybody to know what a great job Susan Stalker of Redfin has done for me as my agent. I am a custom home builder and have been buying and selling homes for the last ten years and have had a number of agents at my side and none of them have tried and worked harder than Susan Stalker. If anyone out there is looking to buy or sell you would be smart to ask for Susan you will be happy you did. I am now on my second home with her and couldn’t be happier. Susan Stalker and Redfin are a friend and business partner for life. So to Susan Stalker and Redfin I would like to say thanks!

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Mitch and his son are in the middle of building an empire of rental properties out in the East Bay. They’ve purchased two properties with us so far. Thanks for the kind words!