Trouble in the Southland

Update as of June 6:  Sandicor has fixed its data feed, and as of a few minutes ago all San Diego MLS listings are up-to-date on Should listing data issues in any market come up in the future, we’ll hold to the commitment outlined below. Thanks for your patience!

Some of you may have noticed that San Diego listings on haven’t been updated over the weekend. Sandicor, the San Diego area MLS, has been having some issues that mean it can’t export listing data to MLS-powered websites like ours.

We’ve talked to the folks over at Sandicor and they’re working hard to resolve the issues. They run a tight ship, so we’re confident the data will be moving again soon.


San Diego listing data highway: temporarily closed.

It bothers us whenever the data on our site isn’t as fresh as possible. We’re a member-broker of the MLSs in each of our markets so that we can get the most accurate and up-to-date listings on We update our site with new data from most of the MLS databases every 15 minutes.

But sometimes problems come up. You should know what you’re getting on, so here’s what you can expect:

We’ll update listings on every 24 hours, or sooner.
This applies to our MLS listings, as well as foreclosure and for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) listings. An update means the latest data from our listing data providers is on For sources of data that change less often, like tax records and school information, you can expect the data to be updated less frequently.

When we can’t, we’ll tell you why.
Whenever our listing data is more than 24 hours old, we’ll post a note in the forums for each market that’s affected, explaining the issue and giving you some idea of when it will be resolved.

And then we’ll fix the problem ASAP.
If the problem is on our side, you can rest assured that we’ll attack it like rabid dogs until it’s fixed. On weekends, we may be slower to discover problems with our data, since our developers personally monitor the data feeds and they occasionally, but only occasionally, take part in non-development related activities – i.e. “personal life.” If it’s our partners who are having trouble, we’ll give them whatever help they need.

We simply want to build the best real estate website in the world, and as part of that we’re making this public commitment on our listing data. Comments are, as always, welcome.

Photocredit: sillygwailo on Flickr.


  • ellie.wilkinson

    Here’s an article from the North County times on the same issue:

  • george wtason

    it is a big Trouble in the Southland when someone try to sell your property with you consent and drive you in the street.

  • george Davis

    Do you represent SELLERS . I want to sell and my home is in Missouri. Do you do business in MO?

  • Ellie at Redfin

    George, we do represent sellers, but unfortunately not yet in Missouri! Thanks for your interest, though.