Being on TV is a junkie kind of rush. Even if you’re as stuck up as I am about it, you fall into hoping TV’s magic will transform you during the broadcast into something larger than life. But then you get airbrushed with make-up (new for HD, it feels soft and good), the mic-man publicly undresses you to the navel a minute before the segment starts, and you’re rushed off the set in another two minutes feeling more, not less, inconsequential.

Redfin was on Fox & Friends’ segment this Sunday to talk about our business model (save $10,000!) and to answer the usual questions (we’re not putting anyone out of business). At the end of it I felt a little blue. I walked through the saddest place on earth, a darkened “Geraldo!” set. The streets in midtown Manhattan were empty at 7:30 a.m. I answered an email from a lone Connecticut fan wondering about our expansion plans. I called my mom, and told her my day felt already over. I remembered that a 60 Minutes producer — he was such a prince — once said “everyone is always depressed after the interview.”

Then I got on the 1 subway uptown… and saw people in tank-tops and bibs. A race!

I got back to my room, changed, and ran to Central Park, in what I only then realized was an event for disabled & able-bodied people alike (registration fee paid later).

As usual for Manhattan, folks lined up for the seven-minute-a-mile pace who would almost immediately begin walking, leading to altercations with punier, faster runners. There was a small-voiced, encouraging speech by New York Road Runner’s president Mary Wittenberg and, from the beginning — and all the way through — there was cheering. I LOVE people cheering! Why don’t we do that more often?Achilles

And there were so many runners -– I had not thought there could be so many — competing on prosthetic legs, of an age that many must have been injured in Iraq. A large, magnificently muscled man running outside the lane and against the current was yelling, Marine-style: “UP AND OVER, UP AND OVER, COME ON.” It was good to see some of the vets running together. We can never re-pay them. It’s hard not to be almost-scared of the intensity of their experience. But everyone on the course was glad to be doing something with them.

A few racers ran arm-in-arm with their parents, very close to one another, some encouraging me though I should have been the one encouraging them. Melted make-up streamed down my face. And perhaps because I was deranged from trying to run faster than I really could, or because of the cheering, I was overcome with love.


  • Caleb Mardini

    Wow, that’s wonderful Glenn. Thanks.

  • http://momentumlifeworks.wordpress.com/ Bridgette Boudreau

    I love that you randomly joined this race and had such a profound experience. Made my day actually, thanks for that.

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  • http://www.repdx.com Ron Ares

    Great story. I love the sponteneity.

    So dish Glenn, what was your final time?

  • http://blog.redfin.com/blog/author/glenn%20kelman Glenn Kelman

    This is what I always want to know too… when I read that Diddy ran a marathon, for example. Not that I am Diddy. 35 minutes. But I haven’t been training lately, and it wasn’t a perfectly flat course.

  • http://www.repdx.com Ron Ares

    G Diddy!

    I am assuming 5-miler or 8K. Nice.

  • Kathleen Reidy

    I always read the blog Glenn, because the writing is so great, even though I’m not particularly interested in real estate. This is the first time I’ve felt to compelled to comment though. It’s perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.mortgageratesreport.com Brian Brady

    Outstanding story, Glenn. What a rush it must have been to spontaneously join such an esteemed crowd of athletes.

    I loved the part about the guy cheering everyone on. It had to be inspiring.

  • http://blog.redfin.com/blog/author/glenn%20kelman Glenn Kelman

    Thanks for all the kind words Brian, and so nice to hear from you, too Kathleen.

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