And The Leading Bookmarking Service Is…

In our last release we added a “Share on Facebook” link to our details pages that when hovered over brings up a menu from AddThis letting you bookmark the home to your favorite social bookmarking service.

AddThis on Redfin

Before launching the feature we debated what the top service would be. Glenn, voted for Delicious, I voted for Facebook. In fact I thought Facebook would win by a long shot which is why we used the text “Share on Facebook” instead of something more generic like “Share on…”

Curious who won the bet we used the AddThis analytics feature to settle up. Here’s a breakdown of how many times the various services have been used:

Bookmarks By Service

Of course, maybe the fact that the link specifically calls out Facebook is the reason it is the leading bookmarking service :).

Here’s a breakdown by day.

Bookmarks By Day

In our next release we’ll add a Facebook icon in front of the link to increase its discoverability.

Big thanks to Dan, for pushing us to use, instead of adding only a Share on Facebook link.


  • Frank LLosa-Broker

    Wow, this is an amazing idea!

  • RED

    Yeah, I’m sure having it say “Facebook” is a factor.

    Rather than just evening out the numbers, if it had a generic title you might increase the overall number as you get those people who (like me) don’t do Facebook and ignored the “Share on Facebook” link altogether.


  • Glenn Kelman

    Matt: 1
    Glenn: 0

  • Kori Covrigaru

    I’m curious, about how many daily hits are you receiving through this service?


  • Darren

    of course having it say Facebook influences that – I vote unfair & call it even Matt:0 Glenn:0 ;)

    The Google one surprises me for sure though. I might have to give that service a try again.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Alex Loddengaard
  • Paulyh0905

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