Giant Dog Menaces Home for Sale…

There’s a home for sale in Shoreline that is either much smaller than it seems, or is being menaced by a giant golden shepherd. Here’s one of the listing photos:

Listing Menaced by Giant Dog

The screen shot, taken from Redfin’s site, has already been featured on PhotoshopDisasters. Seemingly the only rational explanation for the photo is that it’s a marketing gimmick, which in posting about the property on this blog, I have just fallen for…


  • Norm Fisher


    Love it. Oddly, the listing broker chose not to use this photo on their own website.

  • Priyanka

    What an interesting picture! Maybe the door shades are like this creating a optical illusion.
    Or the glass of the door could be tinted/coated so that it shows a giant dog. I am sure there are many who would appreciate something like this :p


  • Noam Lovinsky

    It’s also been on the top of Reddit for the last couple of hours:

  • Glenn Kelman

    We share our 15 minutes of fame with a dog…

  • Sasha

    But dude, have you seen the traffic stats for yesterday? We should set up an auto-dog-photoshopping filter on our import process.

  • Glenn Kelman

    I thought nobody was supposed to know we were a dog…

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  • Marce

    Who cares if it’s a ploy? It’s the best. thing. ever.

  • Jaison

    I love the dog and sent it to everyone I knew regardless of if they were looking for a home or not!

    “Keep on fighting like a baracuda” guys!

    Jaison Smith

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  • Joe Dahleen

    Great marketing move. Purchase a home over renting and you can have as big of a dog as you want!

  • Rob McGarty

    It looks like the NWMLS is putting a stop to photos like this.

    From the NWMLS website:

    NWMLS Board of Directors enacted new Rule 10(j) to address this issue. The rule was passed on an emergency basis and is effective August 29, 2008. If you have a listing that contains a photograph that violates this rule, please remove it immediately and replace it with a proper photograph. Rule 10(j) provides:

    Listing Photographs. NWMLS listings must include one primary photograph (see Rule 192) and may include additional photographs of the real property listed for sale. The photographs input into the NWMLS database must not contain any superimposed graphics or text, must not contain more that one photograph (i.e. combining more than one photograph into a single image is prohibited), and must not feature any personal property.

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  • French Bulldog puppies

    Probably not the best way for your listing to be taken seriously.

  • ?????????

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