Message in a Bottle

We’ve been experimenting with messages in various locations across Recently, we placed an announcement in a message box at the top of our map page. Once the box is closed, it disappears until we run a new message. When we released the latest version of, we ran our first message this space announcing… Read More

Recidivist Miscreant Posts About Redfin Search Options on Bloodhound Blog

“Did hell just freeze over?” Redfin’s Bryan Selner asked me late last night. For a moment, I thought someone at Redfin had spontaneously washed the dishes. But Bryan was talking about Redfin’s posting yesterday on Bloodhound, one of the largest Realtor blogs, about which of our site’s search filters are most popular, and which filters… Read More

"I Think I Just Had a Nerdgasm"

Redfin’s new neighborhoods release inspired all sorts of reactions. Many, like The Tim on SeattleBubbleBlog, lauded the new release as “a great resource for figuring out what’s going on in the hyper local real estate markets.” Some, such as Alex Coon after studying the price-reductions data for Boston’s South End, waxed poetic: “Like Icarus, the… Read More