Domo Arigato Mr. Animoto

After reading a TechCrunch post on Animoto, the new make-a-music-video-of-your-photos website, we decided to give it a quick shot for one of our own listings, in Bellevue (we had to use a Redfin listing because it’s copyright-infringement to take another broker’s):

I wanted to use Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” for the music, but we don’t have the rights for that either. As our lead search engineer & award-winning documentarian can tell you, it’s a problem for any aspiring film-maker.

Do you think this would make you more likely to look at a listing?  And what’s the best song for this house?


  • john

    No. Frankly, that was terrible. But you obviously weren’t trying. I can see how a well narrated video, maybe with some nice and appropriate background music would work really well.

  • erikko

    That’s ok you did try your best editing that video out of yourself

  • Anonymouse

    I read that the style and energy of the video comes from the energy in the song. For a stylin’ bachelor pad, fast music might be appropriate. But for a conservative house such as this, you probably want to try slower music.

  • Brett

    Brett Shaw from Cyberhomes:

    This is a good step in innovating the virtual tour, but I feel that this will only reach a small buyer pool. I agree that the song choice is important. It should match the lifestyle that the home portrays. I understand here that you’re limited due to copyright laws.