"I Think I Just Had a Nerdgasm"

Redfin’s new neighborhoods release inspired all sorts of reactions. Many, like The Tim on SeattleBubbleBlog, lauded the new release as “a great resource for figuring out what’s going on in the hyper local real estate markets.”

Some, such as Alex Coon after studying the price-reductions data for Boston’s South End, waxed poetic: “Like Icarus, the South End seems to have flown too close to the sun…” Others had a more visceral reaction: “Wow, I think I just had a nerdgasm.”

Some had useful suggestions, others such as Alan DR on our own blog threw money and kisses at us, and many just wanted more: “What I’d like to see is the truthful total days on the market, not the games some Realtors play.”

Thanks to everyone for your comments and requests, and keep ‘em coming! We’re already hard at work on the Next Big Thing.