The Donald, Elvis and a Stuffed Bear

trump.pngThe Donald bailed Ed McMahon out of foreclosure today. Maybe Trump plans to single-handedly fix the housing slump?

Ed’s home in Beverly Hills doesn’t seem to fit Donald’s gold-plated style, but a Redfin Forums poster pointed out a stunna in Northridge he should consider.bear.png

It’s supposed to be a replica of Graceland, but I’ve been there and I don’t remember a stuffed bear holding a tennis racket in the Jungle Room, just a lot of avocado green carpet … on the ceiling, too many ashtrays and furry furniture. But there are touches Trump might like such as dazzling gold furniture, a warrior to stand guard while he bathes, dolphins frolicking by the pool and even his very own Oval Office. elvis.png

And it’s a steal at $158/square foot, when other homes in Northridge sold for $259/square foot. Trump paid a little less per square foot for Ed’s digs – $656 vs. $677. 

Maybe an Elvis fan will snap up the faux Graceland on Saturday as it is the 31st anniversary of Elvis’ death. 

Have you seen other properties that should be on Trump’s short-list? Send us your best candidates!


  • Glenn Kelman

    Cynthia, what on earth were you doing visiting Graceland? You don’t seem the type… (and that’s a compliment)

  • Cynthia Pang

    Glenn – if you really must know, my brother is a HUGE Elvis fan and one of my college roomies lived near the King’s pad … so, there you have it. But the Elvis connections don’t stop there. Another college pal’s brother is an Elvis impersonator in Vegas (and his girlfriend does Gwen Stefani): You asked!

  • Marce

    Sweet. I’ll check him out next week when I’m down there. :)