What, Exactly, is a Man-Child?

Around 1 a.m. last night, after spending a few hours cruising blogs and watching YouTube cycling videos, I found myself up against it and hastily wrote a post about Redfin’s stunning new release that referred to developer Robert Gay as a “man-child.”

What I meant by this was a compliment: that, at the tender age of 22 21, Robert must still be somewhat like a child physically (he is larger than I am but how much of that is baby-fat, and baby-muscle, and big baby bones?), but that he codes like a MAN.Amare Stoudemire, aka Robert Gay

Some concerned friends of Robert approached me with what Urban Dictionary said I meant:

A man child is a male who is over the age of 25, who still lives as though he is a juvenile. Many man-children are not gainfully employed, and survive off of the financial support of their enabling parents. Heavy video-game addiction to fantasy games such as World of Warcraft are key to the man-child.

This, to me, also seems like a compliment.

A secondary definition is a common moniker for the “Black Jesus,” Amare Stoudemire, starting center for the Phoenix Suns. This is definitely a compliment. What does man-child mean to you? Would it have been more precise to call Robert a child-man? He is, in any event, a total star, precocious yet powerful like Amare, if Amare played D…

[Post-script: Google really is incredible... only 24 minutes after we published this post, a Google search on "young gay man-child" turns up Robert on page one. "Kinky masochist" turns up Redfin statistician Mose Andre.]


  • JanelleS

    Well, if Robert “codes like a MAN”, then I’m happy. What say you, Robert?

  • http://blog.redfin.com/blog/author/bahnlee Bahn

    The Urban Dictionary definition of man-child sounds more like loser!

    I’m more familiar with the sports talk radio usage of man-child and of course, man-crush:

  • shahaf.abileah

    Robert, you better watch out for the Stone Temple Pilots…


    Verse 2: “…I killed the manchild…”

    They did it once. They might strike again.

  • Janelle

    Uh… Robert?

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  • http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/1592/photoxy4.jpg Kevin Jonson

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    Link is as follows: