Buyers Obsessed

When researching a home, do you request past utility bills, not for the last year, but during the three hottest summer months and the three coldest summer months?

Redfin Forums poster Peanut77, a 31-year old homebuyer, does and is curious if her borderline-OCD research is “weird.” She just wants to make sure her and her partner can afford the mortgage and utilities, while still saving money and having fun.frootloopsbox.png

Fellow posters haven’t gone to those extremes, but no one called her a nut, like her name implies. Personally, I think she is one smart cookie. I bought my first condo as a clueless 28-year-old I assumed the HOD covered water and electricity. They didn’t, so I ate ramen and drank water for the summer.

To help Peanut77 — and others — from enduring another LA summer where she “found new areas on my body that I didn’t know were capable of sweating,” is there a site that helps figure out utility bills – by address?

So, if you find yourself asking the seller what he sets the temperature at in January and for the corresponding month’s heating bill, you’re not a total fruit loop.

And we just learned this morning that Peanut77 is in escrow. Congrats! I wonder if the utility bill was a negotiation factor?