Livin' La Vida Guava

guava1.pngThere’s a home for sale in Foothill Ranch, California that looks custom-painted for Elle Woods, Barbie, Angelyne or Paris Hilton.

Some witty Forums posters are having fun with this one (TrabucoDom – thanks for the tip!):

  • “Now I can safely say I have a good idea of what it would be like to live inside a guava.” writes BadKittyM …  “Just be happy it’s not the inside of an avocado,” ToadB shoots back.
  • “I think it is the pepto dismal home!,” pens TracucoDom.
  • “Paris Hilton would say ‘that’s hot!’,” comments stillsearching.
  • Helyes_Lopez claims, “I saw Angelyne in her pepto dismal pink Corvette the other day. She made an offer on the property just the other day.”
  • “Barbie foreclosed, too!,” writes teachere.angelyne.png

There were a couple people who liked the pretty-in-pink paint calling it “AMAZING” and better than the “sad snow white kitchens.”

But Talyssa was the only one to look under the paint … now, I dare you to resist the urge to take a peek.