Redfin Writes the Book on Usability

Maybe you can’t tell, but we work hard to make Redfin easy to use, going round and round on every design until we’ve forgotten where we started.

In an effort to improve our forms, ace product manager Matt Goyer bought a book on usability for one of his young charges, Jim Lamb. But when Jim started reading the book, he found that one of the forms the book was supposed to help us improve was already in the book:

Redfin & user design

On the left side of the page pictured here, you’ll see Redfin’s Offer Wizard.

When Matt came into my office to show it to me, I could only think of Groucho Marx’s rejection of any club that would accept him as a member. “Wow,” I thought. “It’s time to get Jim another book.”

(In fact, the book looks fantastic. Many thanks to author Luke Wroblewski for including us!)


  • Savan

    SO AWESOME! That’s good stuff!

  • Noam Lovinsky

    Most product geeks will like this one:

    It’s poorly written, not necessarily all about usability design, and some of the history is questionable, but I still highly recommend it. There’s even a DVD for the reading impaired.

  • Glenn Kelman

    Nice to hear from you Savan! And you too Noam. I checked out the site; it looks cool.

  • Lou Rosenfeld

    Glenn, thanks so much for calling out Luke’s book! Full disclosure: I’m its publisher. Which means–if it’s alright by you–I’d be glad to offer a discount on the book for Friends of Redfin. Please email me if you’d like to take me up on the offer and I’ll send along a code; thanks again.