23 Redfinnians Become Vice President for a Day

Earlier this month, Janelle sent out an email to the entire Seattle office soliciting people to build on last year’s hit costume of Donald DeSantis dressed as Rob McGarty by getting as many people as possible to dress as Scott Nagel, VP of Real Estate and affectionately known as “The Silver Fox.” She hatched the plan with a short email “We found a great deal on Silver Fox wigs. We are ordering as many as it takes, but you need to give mykie the full amount of $11.25 by end of day Wednesday to make it happen.” Followed by this picture.

We counted 23 Silver Fox impersonators at our annual Halloween costume contest today, but the real surprise was that the real Silver fox out foxed the fake foxes by dressing as Janelle.

We had a great turn out with almost the entire Seattle office in costume.

Scott and Mary “Bearded Lady” Black tied for first place and the best Nagel impersonation went to Corey “Well whaddaya gonna do” St John.


  • Cynthia

    This is Hoffrageous! I love how the real Janelle has a fab sweater for every holiday. I thought nothing would top last year’s cheerleader duo. Happy Halloweenie.

  • Warren

    This is hilarious-well done.

  • Fernando Ferrufino

    I have to watch this video every time I close out a deal, you gotta love the camera cuts to Corey with classic Nagel quips or Nagelisms such as “well, what are you gonna do” and “well, there ya go”, the hand gestures really sell it too! Thanks Redfin!

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  • Redfin Agent

    Still see this EVERY time I close a deal, from October 2008!!! LOL! We need something more updated!!!

  • Denise Merhoff

    I love working for this company and with this Team!!

  • Bobby Taylor

    That is good stuff.