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Having already begun slogging through months of falling real estate prices, Redfin was a little nervous when we opened Chicago, our first major new market in a year. We couldn’t quite get it launched until mid-summer, and we worried that by late fall it would become a frozen real estate hell.

Not much time for Mark Reitman, Chicago market manager and customer-service manimal, to make headway. But now we’re looking to complete at least eight Chicago transactions in November, which for Redfin, in a new market, in a down economy, during the low season — is a lot. Check out what a client said about Mark today in Redfin’s Forums:

Before I first contacted Redfin I thought that, since the commissions were lower, I could expect to receive a lower level of service.

Boy was I wrong about that.  We closed on our house this month, and nothing could be further from the truth.  I actually got better service and everyone on your Chicago team worked very hard, and responded 7 days a week.  Plus, thanks to your awesome website, we were able to select and tour homes we were actually interested in, and saved a lot of time that used to be wasted driving around in the back of someone else’s car to see a lot of homes we didn’t want.  Then, after providing all of those benefits to us, you also gave us most of your hard earned commission.  Incredible!

I am amazed that you are able to provide such a high level of service at such a low commission.  Redfin appears to be single handedly transforming the badly outdated model that residential real estate has been following forever.  What is your secret?

Way to go Mark, way to go Redfin! And thanks to the customer who posted this message. These things whang off the walls at Redfin, and make everyone try a little harder.

(Bonus link: a remarkable essay on why bailout money should go to community banks…)

UPDATE: many thanks to Greg Whelan and Patrick Lusk for being the folks who as much as anyone really made this deal happen, and to Mark for being so generous in sharing the credit.


  • http://www.redfin.com/chicago Mark Reitman

    Thanks Glenn! But, it’s a team here in Chicago (and throughout Redfin). None of what was mentioned would happen without the (extra) efforts of Greg Whelan and Patrick Lusk. They deserve a big ‘thank you’, as well.

  • JanelleS


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  • Bill Whiteford

    Patrick showed our home on Sunday @ 259 exmoor Ave., Glen Ellyn. Could you give me feedpack on the showing??
    Bill W.