Reality Check for Redfin

It’s an old pleasure getting a package in the mail from a friend, especially when it contains a new book, the pages cracking and smelling of paint and wood.

So it was a nice surprise to get Guy Kawasaki’s Reality Check in yesterday’s mail.  And nicer still to see that Redfin essays on financial models, talking to the press, and startup life (also featured in the New York Times) became their own chapters in the book, now ranked#209 on Amazon.

Thanks Guy, for including us.  It was a wonder you ever took notice of Redfin when we were only a few goofballs working in David Eraker’s apartment. And it’s exciting to appear in a book that gets manufactured by a big machine, and moved around on forklifts and in cargo ships,  and read by people in subways and hammocks and breakfast counters. Almost the fulfillment of a life-long ambition.

Some day, I’m going to see a guy falling asleep on a plane with this book in his lap, and I’ll tell him Hey! pay attention! There’s some good stuff in there…



  • Cynthia

    An acknowledgment! That’s awesome. I just might pick it up at the airport tomorrow … and fall asleep with it somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Keep up the smart and entertaining blogging.

  • Allan

    Just got my copy of Reality Check and it looks great. Will look for you guys in the book. Congrats!