What's Your Biggest Fear?

dog-snake.pngAnd I’m not talking about financialphobia, but Ophidiophobia and Alektorophobia.

There’s an interesting discussion in Redfin Forums about which, if any, animals are acceptable neighbors.

stillsearching is terrified of snakes, but not chickens. BadKittyM is the exact opposite. Then there’s mzmeshell with a $8,000-lizard-meets-shovel tale.

What about you? Would you cozy up to bobcats or Komodo dragons?

My friend Stacy was freaked out about neighborhood raccoons lurking around her children, ready to bite. The solution was simple. Her mom had been secretly feeding them three meals a day and agreed to stop. They scampered off to another sugar mama.

Tell us your animal tails.

(photocredit: Animal Outfitter)


  • Janelle

    Besides that famous FDR quote, is there a fear of phobias?

  • http://www.redfin.com Ellie at Redfin

    There have been coyote problems in LA for years. Careful: this site loads disturbingly loud coyote sounds when you visit. Headphone users beware.

    Apparently there are also coyotes in Madrona.

    Could be worse. My friend from Florida grew up with gators in his parents’ pool.