Google Street View Comes to DC, Baltimore and Seattle

Some thought the day would never come but once we spotted the cars it was only a matter of time.

Yesterday Google Street View launched in DC, Baltimore and Seattle. Those areas are now available on Redfin giving us Google Street View coverage for every market we are in.

Take a look at one of our Seattle listings, 1803 Bigelow Ave North:

Seattle Street View at 1803 Bigelow Ave N

It also looks like Street View may have been worth the wait as this imagery appears to be higher quality than other cities and features four zoom levels. Perfect for checking out what your new neighborhood looks like.

Here’s the Seattle coverage area:

Google Street View Seattle Coverage Map


  • Mark

    While it is neat to have, I far prefer the aerial view first, with the ability to dig into street view. You first have to know where it is before caring what the sidewalk looks like.