Redfin on TechCrunch: The First-Time CEO's Recession-Survival Guide

Many thanks to Michael Arrington and Erick Schonfeld for publishing an essay this morning on what I’ve learned as a CEO during the downturn. Did anyone notice that the picture of Arnold in “Predator” is strikingly similar to the picture of me?

The premise of the post isn’t that Redfin has found our way out of the woods yet, only that we’ve been in there longer than others; the housing bubble burst a year before the market did. So far, the essay is steadily climbing the charts.

It was originally going to be a top-10 list of tips, but Redfin’s professorial Chris Glew told me that, when interviewing for his first job at Redfin, he had surmised from my blog posts (for DIY PRfinancial modeling and startup hardships) that all of his answers should be in the form of a top-10 list.

So, I made a top-9 list instead.

Thanks to Wes, Sylvia and Marc for giving the post a going-over, and to a loyal blog reader — why can’t I find his comment? — for asking why startups are so conservative, which became the point of departure for this latest effort.


  • Ray Daly

    It all reads true, especially Competing With Your Successor. I use to point our dusty bunnies in our retail store to sales people. They’d always “I did not see them.” My response was, “But the customers do.”

    So watch out for the dusty bunnies. Customers see them first.