What $800 Billion Buys You: 7.6% More Pageviews

After Tuesday’s announcement of a monster $800 billion stimulus package led to the largest mortgage-rate drop in seven years, on the same day that the latest Case Shiller data showed the largest-ever year-over-year drop in home prices, we wondered if more home-buyers might start poking at Redfin’s site.

So I just checked Google Analytics, which we use to track pageviews. For the first time in a long-time, traffic increased from Monday to Tuesday — usually it’s the other way around, with a lot of our visitors kicking off the work week by browsing homes for half an hour — by about 1.35%. Over the past month, Tuesday has had 6.2% less traffic than Monday. So I guess you could say we got 7.6% more pageviews on the news.

Which isn’t a big deal, but we were curious, and thought you might be too…


  • http://www.realestate.co.nz/blog Alistair Helm


    The power of analytics is at times mesmerizing and at times empowering; providing as it does the ability to be able to make direct correlations between cause and event.

    I have been working at exposing more and more data and analysis of web traffic from our site over the past year as a deliberate strategy to build media profile / brand awareness / industry stature and then naturally web traffic.

    The most interesting correlation was a piece I wrote back in May titled “Media seriously impacts the psyche of NZ’ers when it comes to property” highlighting the impact of media on web traffic to real estate listings.

    The media swooped on it believing I was trying to blame the media for the downturn in the market. It clearly showed how paranoid they were of their own influence!!

  • http://www.203KLoan.net Jonathan Blackwell

    Very interesting, your Monday to Tuesday comment got me checking and mine seems pretty flat. Maybe the they find a house on Monday and find the financing on Tuesday. Monday, Tuesday and Friday being the best days for traffic on my sites.

    Regardless, after a terrible October, my traffic is increasing and back to summer levels.