Profits, Be Thou My Good

Redfin published a guest post on TechFlash this morning about how the balance of power has shifted between the idealists in business who advance a company’s sense of mission and the mercenaries who insist on being 100% focused on profits. In many ways it picks up where an old Redfin essay about get-rich-quick-schemes left off.

There are unlikely heroes — the man who first recommended Dick Cheney to be secretary of defense or the blogger who called us out for our TechCrunch post on surviving a recession — and one or two villains too.

Redfin stats expert Mose “The Underground Man” Andre will be pleased to see another Segway reference, reinforcing his comparisons between me and the Segway-riding illusionist on Arrested Development. Thanks to John Cook and Todd Bishop for agreeing to publish the essay.

Any guesses on where the title of this post came from?

Update:  AllThingsD re-posted the essay last night.


  • Noam Lovinsky

    The title is from Paradise Lost? Isn’t it: Evil, Be Thou My Good?

  • Glenn Kelman


    Who knew, Mr. Lovinsky, that you were not only a gentleman, but a scholar?

  • Jose Lopez

    Ok, guys cut it out! The title is obviously from Star Trek, Be Thou My Good Aliens, episode, or somewhere over there…