Almost Famous

After Redfin’s layoff last week, the CEO of a startup down the street emailed to say “at least we’re not public!” Which made me wonder how private we really are. You can hide from the Wall Street Journal but not from the hundreds of tech and real estate blogs that covered Redfin last week. One… Read More

A Very Tough Day

Today Redfin laid off roughly 20% of our employees. Unlike other startups, our industry’s recession started a year ago, when home prices first plunged. Since then, we’ve fought like starving animals, and with some success: while industry-wide transaction volumes dropped 33%, we grew revenues by nearly 50%. Traffic grew more than 300%. Even a month… Read More

What's Your Biggest Fear?

And I’m not talking about financialphobia, but Ophidiophobia and Alektorophobia. There’s an interesting discussion in Redfin Forums about which, if any, animals are acceptable neighbors. stillsearching is terrified of snakes, but not chickens. BadKittyM is the exact opposite. Then there’s mzmeshell with a $8,000-lizard-meets-shovel tale. What about you? Would you cozy up to bobcats or… Read More