Case-Shiller Data Shows Fifth Consecutive Price Increase Nationwide, Weakness in Northeast

Happy holidays Redfinnians! The Case-Shiller data for October came out this morning; looking at the seasonally adjusted data as we always do, we see the fifth consecutive monthly increase nationwide, but weakness in Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, New York. After four months of gains, New York and Boston declined for the second straight month in a… Read More

All the Stuff That Wouldn't Fit in Redfin's TechCrunch Essay

Redfin just published an essay on TechCrunch about what we learned from venture capitalists while raising money. Some of the small-is-beautiful thinkers here in Seattle may say it’s just another how-to guide for kissing investors’ fannies rather than boot-strapping a business. Not true! Our point wasn’t to tell people how to raise money; the entrepreneurs who are… Read More

It's Facebook, Stupid (Not Twitter, by a Margin of 5 to 1)

Twitter has certainly been on everyone’s minds lately. The company’s traffic has declined recently, but its news coverage hasn’t. TechCrunch has written about Twitter 45 times in the last 15 days alone — including MG Siegler’s magisterial 2,500-word think-piece on Twitter’s re-tweet function . Over the same fortnight, TechCrunch has written about only one other… Read More