How I Look at Resumes

“Life,” William James once said, “is in the transitions.” He wasn’t talking about weddings and graduations, but the lonely moments before, when a decision still hangs in the balance, and irrelevant details are so vivid that they’ll stick in your mind for years to come: the melted-plastic smell of a U-Haul cab; the iron sound… Read More

What We're Losing

We learned this weekend that Seattle may be on the verge of closing its second newsaper, the Seattle PI. A few days earlier, Clay Shirky had compared journalists to old Russian hard-liners who had never lived under — or imagined — any other regime. First Henry Blodget and then The Atlantic Monthly began wondering aloud… Read More

Howdy, 2009!

Yesterday we talked about what Redfin achieved over the past year. Without thinking much about it, I promised a second post on our priorities for 2009. Without revealing our top-secret R&D projects, here is what we’re focused on so far… Fanatical customer service, and the industry’s happiest customers, by far: stay proud, Redfin. And run… Read More

Andy Liu's Blog

Have you ever met Andy Liu? He’s the CEO of BuddyTV. Most entrepreneurs I know are miserable with how the world is now — it’s why they’re entrepreneurs — but Andy seems perpectually delighted by it. He smiles more than anyone I’ve ever met, in an entirely goofy, genuine way. Which is odd, because he… Read More