Andy Liu's Blog

Have you ever met Andy Liu? He’s the CEO of BuddyTV. Most entrepreneurs I know are miserable with how the world is now — it’s why they’re entrepreneurs — but Andy seems perpectually delighted by it. He smiles more than anyone I’ve ever met, in an entirely goofy, genuine way.

Which is odd, because he also seems to be a heat-seeking, money-making missile: you expect anyone with Andy’s savvy to be obsessed with cold, hard cash but his commercial knack seems more like the before-bedtime card tricks an uncle shows you for sheer fun.

Andy just launched a blog for startups called InspiredStartup that discusses how to negotiate, how to score cheap office space, how to avoid unprofitable customers. It’s bursting with good ideas. It isn’t stuck up.

In fact, it’s written in an easy-going style — it reminds me of the great Fred Wilson — that I can never quite manage here. I’ve added it to my feed, and we’ll put it in our blogroll soon enough…


  • Ethan John

    Eesh. I have a hard time taking his advice seriously when his website looks so awful. He talks about simplicity in this article about unprofitable customers, but fails spectacularly in this regard at

    I’m sure he’s profitable, but everyone has ideas about customer service. He’s not saying anything new, successful company or not.

  • Andy

    @Glenn – Thanks for the kind words and keep up the great work at Redfin!

    @Ethan – Thanks for the comment. At BuddyTV, we strive to focus on our audience by testing and responding to user feedback consistently. Unfortunately, we’ll never succeed at satisfying everyone, but we’ve been able to grow and retain our audience using this formula. Having said that, we definitely have unlimited room to improve.

    In the blog, I hope to share unique personal experiences to illustrate ideas (old or new) and be one of many positive resources for early stage entrepreneurs.

  • Glenn Kelman

    Andy, I think BuddyTV looks pretty darn good. And I think the blog has plenty to say that I’ve never heard before either…

    Ethan, what I appreciate about your comment wasn’t that it wasn’t anonymous. Way to stand up and be counted!