Howdy, 2009!

Yesterday we talked about what Redfin achieved over the past year. Without thinking much about it, I promised a second post on our priorities for 2009. Without revealing our top-secret R&D projects, here is what we’re focused on so far…

  1. Fanatical customer service, and the industry’s happiest customers, by far: stay proud, Redfin. And run fast! It’ll be hard to keep up with tours.
  2. Send home suitcases of cash, every month: starting in April, every one of our current markets is profitable. For at least one month this year, the whole company is profitable.
  3. Go deeper… let people take the next step online: organizing tours, choosing an agent, analyzing prices, putting the escrow process online.
  4. Get more data: from the MLS, from the Internet, from our community…
  5. Whatever makes you nervous: every year, we expose data consumers want but can’t get. Check back in February.
  6. Better analytics: you can do a lot of damage with the best listing data, in the same database with neighborhood outlines & tax records.
  7. New markets: we’ll start expanding again soon!
  8. A bit of fun: Redfin is filled with *amazing* people. We have to take care of one another…
  9. Double the traffic: Mike thinks we’ll blow this one out.
  10. Head for the hills:  we need to give visitors out in the boonies a way to buy a house. Right now, our agents are only in the big cities.
  11. Be honest and unmerciful: always remember what sets us apart, that we’re truth-tellers.
  12. A summer extravaganza: come June or July, Seattle will need a big party, with little sailboats by a park, and a big fire, and fun speakers and lots of little startups.  Like this and like that. Who’s in?

That’s a long list to remember… what’s most important? 1 and 8.

Let us know what we forgot (we haven’t forgot bird’s eye imagery; it just isn’t quite a company-wide objective)! And nobody who didn’t post his own list better bring this up a year later, just to bust us on what we missed…

(Photo credit: Ks of W on Flickr)


  • HHB

    Two suggestions:

    1) Make this blog more visible from the homepage.

    2) Like some of your competitors (won’t name names.. hint: it starts w/ a “Z”) create a feature where you can select properties via the map feature. Redfin has by far the most up-to-date real estate maps. Leverage it!

  • Glenn Kelman

    Hi HHB, thanks for the suggestions! Can you clarify what you mean by selecting a property via the map? By selecting, do you mean adding it to a list of favorites?
    Regards, Glenn

  • Brian Brady

    “That’s a long list to remember… what’s most important? 1 and 8.”

    …and #2. Without it, the other two go away. I’ll bet you get there in 2009.

  • Glenn Kelman

    I sure hope so Brian… thanks for the encouragement buddy.

  • JanelleS

    Does #8 mean you’ve finally given the Redfin Wrestling Team the green light?!!!?

  • HHB

    Hi Glenn,
    Sorry… should have been more clear. When looking at a zoomed in map of a city you guys have very up-to-date parcel information.

    Let’s say a house was for sale at 123 Main Street. I could easily select this property from the map via the green house icon.

    However, what I would love to see is a feature that would allow me to select the next door address (i.e. 125 Main Street) via the map (without having to type in the address). It’s a great way to quickly see what comps were selling for and when. Not sure if you have data on properties that are not for sale but if you did it would be great.

    Zillow does this… but the quality of your maps puts theirs to shame.

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