So Long, 2008

At today’s all-hands meeting, Redfin surveyed our 2008 accomplishments alongside what we wanted to do better in 2009. It was a good exercise, both so we could put to rest our mistakes, but also see how far we’ve come. Here is what we accomplished in the past 12 months:

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the challenges Redfin faces in 2009.  We’d love to hear what you’d like to see Redfin achieve this year.

First however, we wanted to thank you for your support. Every day, we get email messages, survey responses, online reviews, forums posts, tweets, comments, blog posts and calls from folks eager to help us. Your ideas, complaints and compliments get forwarded, debated, quoted, repeated and puzzled over. It helps us win arguments, develop new ideas, work harder, think clearly, give more. It has made it much easier to build a consumer-driven company.

2008 was a hard year for startups, harder still for real estate companies. But through it all, Redfin is still becoming the company we have always wanted it to be. We are still having fun. Thanks for helping us get this far. And happy new year!


  • Michael Wurzer

    Glenn, I just finished reading The Ultimate Question a week or so ago and am considering adopting NPS in our company. I’d love to talk to you to hear how Redfin is using NPS. The basic concept is easy (as intended) but I have lots of questions about how it really works in practice.

  • Glenn Kelman

    Happy to talk to you about it Michael. We’ve been asking The Ultimate Question in an online survey since launching our service, and our experience with it has been good. Our NPS score drives the pay of our agents, our market managers, our VP of real estate operations and it also drives my pay. I’ll email you to set up a time to talk…

  • Richard

    I would like to see integrated bird’s eye view come back. This went away with the change to Google Maps.

  • Glenn Kelman

    We’ll add that to the list Richard. If we can’t get it from Google we’ll re-approach Microsoft about selling it to us (in the past it has not been for sale unless we also use Virtual Earth as our main mapping solution).

  • Galen

    Congrats on what sounds like a pretty good year Glenn!

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