Video Tour of Show-it-All Agent Profiles & Tours

Glenn covered the big news this morning about our new agent profiles and expanded coverage with partner agents. What his blog post doesn’t include is a look at the other features we released.

But why write about the site when we can show you? Check out this seven minute video where we walk through the changes:

Scheduling Tours is Easier

Picking which homes you want to see in person with a Redfin field agent is still as easy as clicking the Go See It Button. What we improved with this release is that registration and sign-in is lighter weight and more importantly we have consolidated the two different home tour pages into one page which shows both the homes you want to see, your next scheduled tour and all the tours you’ve gone on. You can also add and remove homes from the list of homes you want to see even if you’ve sent your list to Redfin. Learn more about seeing homes with Redfin.

Home Tours in 5_0 v2

See Sale to List Ratio For Any Region

Everyone says homes are selling for less than asking, but nobody ever says by how much. Now we do! You can see the average sale to list for homes sold in the last 90 days on almost all our neighborhood pages. We also show those stats in the details page of every home along with other neighborhood stats. Here’s what it looks like on a home details page:

Sale to list on the details page

Note that for some regions we don’t show it because we don’t have enough sale to list data pairs in the last 90 days.

What Would You Like To See Next?

With this release of the website out the door we’re now arguing about what we should do next. Any suggestions?