Advertising is an Emotional Art

Twitter’s Biz Stone blogged yesteray that Twitter wasn’t interested in banner ads. Undeterred, TechCrunch immediately reported that Twitter would still undoubtedly focus on ads, perhaps of another sort. It was a curious response to what may be a titanic shift in how advertising works. Twitter seems ready to depart from the business model of every… Read More

Small is Beautiful, Too

Over the past few months, Twitterers and TechFlash readers have invented a war between big and small startups, and somehow Redfin has landed on the wrong side of it. I only noticed it last night. The great Josh Petersen of 43 Things compared Adam Doppelt’s fantastic essay on boot-strapping Urbanspoon to a talk Marcelo Calbucci… Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Jamie DeMichele Wins Redfin's Strongest-Man Competition

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:30 a.m., some of Redfin’s finest physical specimens have been stripping down to our under-shirts to compete in the 100-pushup challenge. We’ve been faithfully working through the 6-week program, which promises to build anyone into a mini-Schwarzenegger, for 14 weeks. We embraced the macho rhetoric of the 100-pushups website… Read More