Sasha Aickin Lays it Down at Big Google Developer Conference

Yes, yes, Redfin’s map-driven search is loads of fun, but have you ever wondered why that is?

In preparation for next week’s big Redfin demonstration at Google I/O, Redfin search-team leader Sasha Aickin posted an essay on what we learned from building our own map-based application.
[youtube zWVIxBRUkfE]
It has all the big things I wished we knew three years ago when we first started tinkering with Redfin’s map…sasha

Sasha talks about how we stopped piling on all the layers of data and graphics just so we could make the map page load four times faster (sometimes you have to ignore what consumers ask for and just look at what they click for)…

…and the incredible Alice-in-Wonderland quality of a web-based application that expands or shrinks to the size of your browser window so you never have to scroll around…

…and how to make every little spot on the map work like a separate web page so you can bookmark it and come back to it, which I wish Twitter would do with my tweets…

…and what to do when you have 3,000 houses for sale in San Francisco but only enough time and space to show 500, a problem that the mad scientists in Redfin’s San Francisco office are still trying to solve in a way that everyone can understand. 

The writing in the essay is pure Sasha: worked so carefully as to seem effortless, awfully smart but approachable, and always fun to be around.  If you’re in San Francisco next week and you’ve ever wanted to meet one of the big stars behind Redfin, swing by Sasha’s demo.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend from all of us at Redfin!


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