Case Shiller: Prices Are Up (But Not Everywhere, Not if You Adjust for Seasonality)

Big news real estate aficionados! Case Shiller, the Standard & Poor’s index that economists treat as the most reliable measure of home prices, reports this morning that May 2009 home prices increased .45% over April; this is the first such increase since July 2006. Once we adjust for seasonality – home prices tend to increase… Read More

What Would Apple Do? Don't Ask

For years, it has been fashionable for business-people to approach any problem — choking baby, lonely Friday, cold soup, global warming — by asking Jeff Jarvis’s question: “What would Google do?” But the most admired technology company in the world isn’t Google. It’s Apple. And when it comes to the most admired technology executive, Steve… Read More

Teens and Twitter

Given the recent coverage of a 15-year old at Morgan Stanley who wrote a report about why teens aren’t using Twitter and the numerous reactions, we thought that we’d jump on the bandwagon and get the perspective of Redfin’s youngest employee, Edward Chang, on the matter. A couple of weeks before starting my marketing internship… Read More

The Only Things You Probably Don't Know About Michael Arrington

Did anyone wonder why TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington participated in last week’s Naked Truth? I have, many times. It’s not because we’re close personal friends. We don’t hang out, and we disagree about almost everything, starting with whether you can build a great technology company in Seattle. I’ve complained that his official sanctioning of music theft… Read More