The Naked Truth: Everyone Can Come!

Tonight’s big Naked Truth event at the Olympic Sculpture Park — where enterpreneurs, investors and journalists will discuss how different Internet consumer models work —  has all the makings of a blow-out. Even before Fred Wilson or John Cook blogged about it, we’d had 400 people register, then 500 when we raised the limit by 100. Since Monday, people have been asking to get added to the list, and one CEO even offered buy someone’s registration.

Now the sun has come out and we don’t have to work within the limits of the 450 who can fit into the pavilion. So we’re moving the panel outdoors and opening the event to everybody. Damon Darlin, Michael Arrington, Fred Wilson, Jonathan Sposato, Ethan Lowry and Brad Jefferson will all be there. John Cook, Todd Bishop, Brier Dudley and Marcelo Calbucci are confirmed. Wired editor Fred Vogelstein has also just signed on.

Who will pay for all these people? Our sponsors — Madrona, Fenwick & Square 1 Bank — only signed up to provide drink tickets and organic, locally grown, Emeril-endorsed  free-range super-hot Uli sausages  for the first 400 guests. So get there early, and bring a towel, blanket or pillow to sit on the grass in the evening sun. It’s going to be a beautiful night. Doors open at 5:30.

If you can’t make it in person, starting at 5:30 Seattle 2.0 is live-streaming the event here, on their fabulous new TV channel and on TechFlash. The hash-tag for the event is #nakedtruth.


  • Kevin Merritt

    Thanks Glenn (and the weather). I’m looking forward to going now that I’m not 300+ deep on the wait list.

  • Robert Worthington

    Glenn. I think your ideas so innovative! You are truly a great company on the cutting edge that I should do more research on! I believe if we are not moving forward, we are falling behind. Nicely done Glenn!

  • Glenn Kelman

    Kevin, Robert, thanks for all the kind words. Plenty of folks at Redfin read our blog, and we all really appreciate your support.