The Naked Truth: Watch It Live!

It’s not too late to head down to the Naked Truth at Olympic Sculpture Park here in Seattle! With the sun out we tore up the RSVP list and are opening the doors to everyone (bring a blanket!). We’ll be here until they boot us out at 10 but I’m sure there will be more than one after party.

The panel discussion on how to generate revenue will start promptly at 6:15. For the panel we assembled a rockstar crew who flew in from all over: Damon Darlin (NYT), Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), Fred Wilson (AVC), Jonathan Sposato (Picnik), Ethan Lowry (Urbanspoon) and Brad Jefferson (Animoto) will all be there.

Of course if you’re stuck at work or couldn’t make it to Seattle you can watch a live stream of the Naked Truth event courtesy of our friends at Seattle 2.0 TV.

Update: We’ve removed the live stream now that the event is over and replaced it with the recordings from the folks at Seattle 2.0 TV.

[vimeo 5554890]

[vimeo 5555633]

[vimeo 5567756]

You can also follow the action and join the discussion on Twitter; folks are using the #nakedtruth hashtag.

Lastly, here’s the slides we handed out to attendees with all the gory details on Redfin’s, Urbanspoon’s, picnik’s and animoto’s revenue metrics:

[slideshare id=1699408&doc=thenakedtruth2009revenuemetricsprintversionfinal-090709004520-phpapp01]

Thanks to our sponsors, Madrona, Fenwick & Square 1 Bank for making this a free event for the attendees, Seattle 2.0 TV for bringing it to the web and Angela for pulling everything together.

Enjoy! And look for our wrap up of the event later tonight.