Listing update delays in Southern California

Since 11pm on Wednesday night, we’ve had some longer than normal delays in getting listings updated on our Web site and iPhone app. The reason is that we switched our underlying MLS feeds in Southern California to include one from CARETS. As we’ve been updating our database with the new feed, we’ve experienced delays of up to 24 hours.

Our latency is usually no more than 15 minutes, so we apologize for these delays. This is not a problem with CARETS, it’s our issue. We should have things fixed in Southern California by Saturday night.

UPDATE, 11/24 @ 6:30pm: We restored our normal listing update latency at 11am Saturday morning.


  • Barrie Real Estate

    The delayed will not extremely affect the daily listing. Apologize is always welcome for the website to have more features and make it more updated.