On Weekends iPhone Traffic is 10% of Site Traffic

We can’t believe it, after only being out six weeks, traffic from our iPhone App is 10% of our site traffic on the weekends. Do that many people really have iPhones? :)

Digging into the numbers, for the first four weekends after we launched it, iPhone traffic was a little under 5% of our website traffic. Our app was then featured on the App Store’s New and Noteworthy section and mentioned in the NY Times. This temporarily bumped up our downloads almost ten fold. With many more people downloading the app, traffic on the iPhone has soared to be 8-10% of our website traffic for the last two weekends.

Don’t have an iPhone and wondering what the fuss is about? We have a few screencasts up on YouTube.

And congrats to Redfin data engineer, Arthur Patterson who got up on stage last night at the 5th Avenue Theatre and proposed to his girlfriend!