Prices Increase Everywhere Except Seattle

The Case-Shiller numbers just came out for August, with sizable increases in California, DC, Chicago and Boston. The only market that was down was Seattle.

August 2009 Case Shiller Data, Seasonally Adjusted

We’ll send out a full report on market conditions later today.


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  • Jeff


    If I’m not mistaken in August, prices rose in 17 of 20 cities. Only Charlotte, Cleveland and Las Vegas recorded month-to-month declines.

    If I’m wrong I apologize, but that was my interpretation of the report.



  • Sasha Aickin


    I think what Glenn means is that *in the markets we at Redfin serve*, prices are up everywhere except Seattle; we tend to only follow market-specific news for the markets we know and work in.

    Now, it also looks like you also disagree about what the report says about prices in Seattle. I don’t have the original report, though, so I don’t know what happened there.


  • Jim

    I think the difference is whether we are looking at the raw or the seasonally-adjusted $. Seattle is slightly up in the raw, but down when adjusting for seasonality.

  • Lance Pitt

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